Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Give a little bit

Yes I haven't updated in forever. I had my head deeply inside of my film "You don't know Jack". I haven't come up for air until now just getting over my editing hang over. I stayed up for 40 hours or something to get it done in time for the screening last Saturday was so funny I totally went out to see Rich Hope that night of the screening. CRAZY.

Yes not mention I've really slacked of in English and spent the whole weekend writing my Research project worth 15% of my grade. Typiclally me, leave things to last minute. Ah well I think I did pretty well. It's so funny because my teacher said "we have to print out all our internet sources" yet people using books and other print media don't have to show proof of their sources, other than in the works cited page. DOUBLE STANDARD right? That's what I think, of course I bursted out my opinion early this morning without hesitation. Perhaps I was a little rash in how I worded my opinion but it's true. Also she gave some example of a girl previously miss using Internet sources. Other than that she really didn't have an explanation and her argument was WEAK at it's best. I stuck it to her like a flock of seagulls following a garbage truck. Jeez.

As far as this BLOG goes I'm still not sure what I'm going to be using it for. HMM I guess it will come in time. Maybe I should start putting a journalistic spin to it. All this END OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA talk has got me thinking. I posted my research paper.(I going to put the linx in there as soon as I get a chance) ah well...

~> Vanixx


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